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Super coach for professional individuals and organisations

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International keynote speaker and published author

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Entrepreneurial philanthropist and your dream legacy maker

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International Speaker

“Speaking on stage is in my blood. It didn't feel that way at first and now, I love inspiring others to speak as naturally on stage as they do with their closest friends.”

Aen has addressed international audiences around the world, sharing her life challenges and success strategies, inspiring many to realise their dreams.

A natural leader, she has also attended a leadership gathering with Sir Richard Branson and is a regular invitee to his events.
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WADI - A story to open the heart of humanity

Aen dreamt the main scene of this story and chose to publish it in her maiden name, Aen Hussein, in dedication to her late father.

A young girl survives a world-wide flood and wakes up beached, clinging to the back of an upturned boat. She doesn't remember how she got there, or anything that happened beforehand, not even her name.

It's a story of the triumph of our basic human instincts over great adversity and how being free of our past can be a source of great freedom and vibrancy of life and soul.

Join her on an epich journey to find out what happened and be part of an awe-inspiring adventure.

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UK    £29.95