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International Speaker

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Entrepreneurial Philanthropist

Creator & Master Strategist for

A personally crafted 5-point blueprint to plan and live your entire life around.

Create a real legacy in your lifetime step-by-step.

International Speaker

“World peace is about each one of us finding our own peace”

Aen Turner has graced international audiences, sharing her life strategies and story with Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

With the gift of identifying problems and quickly creating solutions that work, Aen has enabled and inspired many.”

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Childhood war survivor

Living through a war has had a profound impact on my life, I had nightmares for years afterwards. Now I realise that it was a dream to survive a war and my dream has turned into a vision, a vision to help enable each and every one of us … to always get what we truly want from life and live the life we were born to live … only then can there be true peace.

Let Aen craft you a personal Life Strategy Blueprint and live a fulfilled life

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A story to open the heart of humanity written in her maiden name by Aen Hussein.
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