Highlights of an amazing a few weeks in South Africa:

Highlights of an amazing a few weeks in South Africa:

What an awesome eight and a half weeks I have had in South Africa. I love this rainbow country. Its people and their warm open hearts and energy, its geography and the stunning variety of scenery and landscape, its willingness to be constantly learning and enabling and its hunger for opportunity and prosperity for all.

My heart feels wide open with the intention to return and the commitment to make a difference. I thank you for the opportunities that came my way, the wonderful friendships and the beautiful rhythm in my heart.

Here are some of the highlights:

ITV interview with Abdul Manack - ex Spring Bok cricketer with a giant heart and energy for making a difference particularly to the youth. What an amazing opportunity to speak to the Muslim community in South Africa - thank you Abdul, you are a star and thank you for the wonderful work that you do to make a difference

Koffiffi Radio interview with Zunaid Mohidin - serial entrepreneur and great business mentor. This was my first time on radio and inshallah the first of many to come. Thank you for the opportunity to address an amazing community and I am looking forward to running an active enablement workshop for the listeners on my next visit

Speaking at the Coaching Dream Team JT Foxx event - being coached on a one-to-one and group
basis by top class coaches, JT, Marco Roberts, Jason Gilbert (my amazing coach) and Cherie Eilersten, along with a wonderful bunch of fellow students was awesome; getting to speak to them and introduce my Creating and Planning a Strategy for Life programme was invaluable. I love you all, thank you, I learnt and implemented some great ideas both from the coaches and fellow students and it is an honour and a privilege to have some of you as my clients

Speaking at NAC in Johannesburg - sharing the stage with three coaches who have had a major impact on my life Andy Harrington, Clinton Swaine and JT Foxx, was a wow experience and an amazing opportunity, the best speaker training I have ever had. Thank you JT Foxx

Creating a new Strategise My Life™, Home Study for Action Course, "Creating My Strategy and Plan for Life™" - putting my heart and soul into what I totally believe in and sharing it with others to help enable them to live the life that they were born to live and get what they truly want from life, is the ultimate fulfillment for me. Using an action-packed planning method in the five Life Vital Areas™, my intention in creating the material that the home study course, and upcoming workshops are based on, is that each and every one of you feel and use your uniqueness to make a difference in your life and that of others

Speaking at the National Sea Rescue Institute Gala Dinner - having an opportunity to speak at this event was a pleasure that was created by Abdul Manack's wife, Rhona Manack who works tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for the institute. As I listened to the story of how the institute was started and some rescue stories, I felt that each and every one of the men and women that put their lives in danger to save others are living the lives that they were born to live. I shared my story of survival from the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and how it was years later before I allowed it to open the door to living the life that I was born to live

Speaking at the Branding and Marketing JT Foxx event - I spoke and connected with amazing people. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and for your friendship and patronage, it is an honour and a privilege to have an opportunity to make a difference in your lives

One-to-one consulting with my new clients in South Africa - this is what I was born for, the opportunity to make an active difference in a person's life and help enable them to feel and be the unique and extraordinary person that they were born to be, live that the life they were born to live, and have all that they truly want from their life

Thank you South Africa and see you soon.


14 March 2015


Aen Turner

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